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Agent & Manager Showcase w/ 20 Talent Reps: In-Studio or Via Zoom

May 17, 2023
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No Audition Required | Ages 4 – Mid 20s | Wednesday, May 17 | Cost 385.00

SOLD OUT! Join the waitlist here!

Payment Plans Available – please call our office at 212.315.3010 or email us to set up a payment plan today!

Now accepting performers ages 4-11 ONLY!

Perform in this Showcase In-Studio OR Via Zoom!

It’s often challenging to get in front of Talent Agents and Managers. A Class Act NY’s industry showcases provide aspiring actors the unbelievable opportunity to perform for 20 scouting agents & managers in one evening.

Previous participants are now working professionally! Many are booking television series, films, voice-overs, commercials and Broadway shows. Click here to read about some of our students’ professional progress.

The biggest agencies and management firms in town have attended our showcases including Stewart Talent, Avalon Artists, DDO Artists Agency, Zuri Agency, The Mine, The Price Group, Calli Company, Lil Angels, GD3 Management, Kreativ Artists, Ingrid French, and many more.

The Showcase Includes:
• The chance to perform in the audition room for 20 Scouting Agents & Managers either In-Person or via Zoom
• A 50-minute virtual coaching session with:
     • Non-Singers: A Broadway/TV/Film Coach
     • Singers: A Broadway/TV/Film Coach and a Broadway Music Director

** An in-person coaching is available for an additional $125 fee.

The coaches will run your material with you, offer insightful feedback and instruction, and also offer their expert opinion on how to best prepare for your showcase performance.

Below is what you will be expected to perform for the talent reps! You should be off-book (meaning fully memorized) for your coaching and on the night of the showcase!

Performance Requirements
Ages 4-6:
• Actors between 4 and 6 years old will perform a commercial. After registration, we will send you a commercial. Parents: the talent reps understand that your child is young. They can tell a lot from a commercial read and how focused your child is during the audition. They will be looking at your child for theatre, film, TV, and voice-over representation, and if you are local to NYC (meaning, 2 hours by car or train), they will also be considering your child for commercials and commercial print work. No exceptions: your child MAY NOT sing or perform a monologue in our showcase unless they are turning 7 within 2 months of the showcase.

Ages 7 and Over – Non-Singers:
• If you are seeking legit representation (theatre, film, TV), and you are a non-singer, you will perform a one-minute monologue. You are responsible for bringing in your own monologue. If you need help finding a monologue, please sign up for a monologue research lesson (This is at an additional cost).

Ages 7 and Over – Singers:
• If you are a singer who is looking for legit representation (theatre, film, TV), you will sing a 16-bar cut, and perform a one-minute monologue. If you need help finding a monologue, please sign up for a monologue research lesson (This is at an additional cost). If you need help finding a 16-bar cut, please sign up for a vocal coaching session (Also, at an additional cost).

Actors Seeking Voice-Over & Commercial Rep ONLY:
• If you already have legit representation or are only interested in seeking a voice-over, commercial and commercial print agent or manager, please indicate so on your registration form, and you will be assigned a voice-over commercial at your coaching session.

All actors must check-in by 5:30 PM ET the night of the showcase for a warm-up and important announcements.

Monologues MUST be from a contemporary published play. Not from a monologue book, musical or film or tv series. If you need help finding a monologue, please contact the office and set up a monologue research lesson.

All performers will be required to provide a digital version of their headshot and resume in advance. More details will be sent via email after registration.

Ages: 4-20s
When: Wednesday, May 17
Call Time: 5:30 PM ET
Virtual/In-Person Private 50 Minute Lessons: Scheduled based on instructor and performer availability.
Where: Ripley-Grier Studios – 520 8th Ave OR Via Zoom
Cost: 385.00


Address: 520 8th Ave
New York, NY