Masterclasses for Groups & Schools

A Class Act NY offers masterclasses to theatre educators, directors, schools, and tour groups looking to provid­e an amazing one-of-a-kind performing arts experience at our NYC studio, in your hometown, or virtually.


Moreover, we offer TV, Film, Stage Combat, Improv and Voice-Over Programs taught by experts in their respective fields including TV/Film and VO Artists, Fight Instructors, Agents, Managers and Casting Directors.

A Class Act NY can tailor any masterclass to your group’s specifications.

If you would like to set up a masterclass, please call 212.315.3010 or email us!

The Rehearsal Masterclass
Putting on a show? A Broadway actor from the show you are putting on, sits in on your rehearsal and offers feedback and coaching. The actor will help your students deepen their performance! Includes a fascinating Q&A!

What is this Feeling? (Song Interpretation Masterclass)
Sing a 16 or 32 bar cut either a cappella or with a backing track for your instructor, a Broadway performer! Learn how to dive deep into the lyric of the song and discover the acting beats within the text! Deepen your performance skills under the guidance of a Broadway pro, and learn how to give a richer, more compelling and authentic performance! The Broadway performer will also work with you on musicality and vocal technique! Class ends in a most informative Q&A with your instructor!

God, I Hope I Get It (The Audition Masterclass)
Work with a Broadway actor, casting director or talent agent/manager in this mock audition based environment. Students will get a chance to perform either a song cut, monologue, or scene for our guest teacher who will give constructive criticism and helpful feedback on material choice, vocal technique, song interpretation skills, acting choices, and audition technique. Every student will be given individualized attention in this amazingly insightful masterclass! If you choose the musical theatre audition technique masterclass, students should be prepared to sing a cappella or use a backing track. (Many can be found on YouTube). If you choose a monologue or scene work audition technique masterclass, we can work on material you provide, or we can provide the materials for your group.

Sing Broadway!
Work with a professional Broadway Music Director (who conducts, plays, teaches, arranges and coaches Broadway performers) and learn Broadway music like the pros! In this workshop, you’ll start with a quick vocal warm-up and then work on a song from a hit Broadway show! Learn parts and harmonies just like you were about to take the stage on the Great White Way! You’ll also have the chance to ask all of your pressing questions in a Q & A with the Broadway Music Director!

Play On!
Bring us the music of your choice and work with a Broadway Music Director (who conducts, plays, teaches, arranges and coaches on Broadway) and rehearse your music like the pros! In this workshop, you’ll receive tips from your Conductor and learn how to tailor your music like you’re playing in a Broadway pit! You’ll also have a Q & A so you can ask all of your pressing questions!

Broadway Bound Masterclass
Want to learn what it takes to make it on The Great White Way? Then this masterclass is for you! A Broadway performer will teach a song and dance combination from a Broadway show of your choosing! The Broadway performer will also hold a Q & A and give the behind-the-scenes scoop your students are dying to know!

5-6-7-8! Dance Masterclass
Work with a Broadway dancer on actual Broadway choreography from a legendary musical! Our Broadway instructor will lead the group in a warm-up and help students work on technique as they learn an amazing Broadway dance combination. At the end of the choreography session, students will get a chance to get to know their Broadway instructor a little better with a fun and insightful Q & A.

Stage Combat Masterclass
Want to learn the secrets behind amazing fight scenes like those found in West Side Story or Les Miserables? Our amazing Broadway fight instructors will take students through safe, simulated combat in a fun and fast-paced masterclass. Students will learn safety, technique and some awesome new moves.
Theatre Games/Improv Masterclass
Develop creativity and learn to think on your feet in this active and exciting masterclass! Our Broadway instructors will have students “rolling in the aisles” as they participate in a variety of theatre games and exercises that are designed to inspire big acting choices and develop listening skills.
Lights, Camera, Action Masterclass
Pick from commercial, TV, and film acting and learn the technique specific to each medium; from how to “slate” to audition technique. Students will learn the differences between on-camera and theatrical acting as they work on real commercial, television or film sides. Your group will learn specific on-camera lingo, expand their versatility, and work on making believable but subtle acting choices, in this action packed masterclass.
Voice-Over Masterclass
Voice-over acting is unlike any other type of acting. It requires an actor to make specific and original acting choices that are outside of the box using just their voice. Unlike other parts of the entertainment industry, voice-over has been going strong through the pandemic, as you can record auditions and jobs from the comfort of your own home! Learn how to create animated characters for cartoons and feature films, and round out your education by working on naturalistic reads for commercials and radio spots.

That’s Showbiz Seminar
Students will learn the business of show business in this most riveting seminar. A Broadway professional will discuss all the ins and outs of the entertainment industry including: agents, unions, headshots, resumes and more! This down to earth masterclass will cover the topics unlikely to be broached in any other setting and students will come away with a more thorough understanding of what it takes to be a professional, working actor.

Additional Available Masterclasses Include:

Character Development
Monologue and/or Scene Study
Rehearsal Masterclass: Broadway actor Zooms in to your rehearsal and offers feedback and coaching to help your students deepen their performance

Recent Testimonials

“Having Adam Pascal work with us on our production of RENT was like being in the presence of royalty.  Once the initial shock of being in the same room as him wore off, our actors really dove into some amazing character work.  It was so fun to hear his stories about his career and specifically his work on RENT as he helped us streamline our production.  The actors learned so many thoughtful ideas from the feedback and coaching he provided.  One of the coolest things was hearing about the specific production tips–things that you wouldn’t think of and ways to problem solve the little nuances of the show like, “Make sure you light the wicks of the candles first so you don’t have the audience watching you fumble around to light the candle the first time!!” Those little stories and details were so cool to just be able to connect with and–as we all know–little details can make a BIG difference on stage!! Such a cool experience!!! Our show ended up being amazing and Adam was absolutely part of that journey!!”

Lindsey DiPietro
GetUp Stage Company New Britain, CT

“Newsies was an amazing experience and I can’t tell you how much Ben’s visit and Master Class with the cast impacted our work and the show.  Ben’s work was amazing and he was wonderful with the kids as they presented our show to him.  His feedback and support brought everything to a new level and the kids are still talking about it.  His insight, feedback and encouragement with the kids was just what we needed and it carried through until the final curtain call on Saturday evening.  I am so thankful you reached out to me back in the fall about this possible experience.  I never knew such opportunities existed, but I am ever so thankful for all that you did to help make this happen.  It was an honor as a theatre director to watch my students work with a Broadway professional and hear him tell the kids some of the same things I tell them and try to teach them (I also learned a few new tricks as well).  Ben was so genuine with the kids and understood what middle school performers need and want.  I am so appreciative of this experience and thankful we were able to make this happen for our students.  I hope that we can work together again in the future!”

-Wydown Middle School, St. Louis, MO (NEWSIES with Ben Fankhauser)


“The first experience that our cast and staff of Mary Poppins had with  A Class Act NY from Bonnie and John to our excellent Broadway workshop instructor, Brian Collier, was as Mary Poppins says about herself, “practically perfect in every way”! The moment that Brian walked into our auditorium and started working with our cast you could instantly tell his love and passion of theater, specifically Mary Poppins. Due to this love and passion our cast gravitated to him and valued his opinions, insights, and expertise.”

“As he was working on the major ensemble numbers of the show, our staff and cast knew that what he was giving us was something special and exactly what our cast and staff needed to produce the best musical our school has seen since it opened. What was simply amazing about Brian was you could tell that he valued that every cast member on stage would improve in some way from Mary herself to an ensemble member. You could tell that he truly cared about our success.  At the end of the workshop, Brian was sure to take time to answer every single question that our cast and staff had of him that included life on Broadway, what to do during a certain dance number, or even how to develop the best character possible. At the end of our workshop we all felt as though Brian’s simple message during his time with us was kind of like the ending of the show “anything can happen if you let it,” whether its life on the stage or off the stage.  Our cast and staff truly had a “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” experience with Brian who gave us an unforgettable experience that our cast can take with them the rest of their lives.  If you are a director of a show that would like an experience like we had please try your best to get this experience to happen at your school. We thought the experience was worth every minute and penny and we know that you will feel the same when your workshop is complete!  Bravo to A Class Act of NY and Mr. Brian Collier!” (Brian Collier, MARY POPPINS)

Mr. Jake Kanish
Assistant Director of Mary Poppins
Armstrong High School, Kittanning, PA

“We just wanted to send a quick thank you.  Allison was absolutely wonderful.  The kids loved having her there – they loved her stories and really appreciated her insightful feedback.  I was really touched that she took time to give personal feedback to my actors – and she was gracious and constructive with her insights for them. This could not have been easier to organize on our end and so worthwhile.  Thank you again, we’ll be in touch soon about our next event!”

-Archmere Academy, Claymont, DE (THE ADDAMS FAMILY Masterclass with Allison Lee)

“Andrew was fabulous – the workshop attendees learned a lot, not only about choreography, but about being a working actor in NY. Andrew was generous with his time, honest with feedback, and just an overall positive influence for the kids.”

-HAMILTON Workshop with HAMILTON Star and Original Cast Member, Andrew Chappelle

“I wanted to tell you how wonderful his entire visit at our school was!  The kids were ALL mesmerized by him and he had such a great teaching and instruction style with them.  He taught some basics skills while also delving into deep character develoment for the students to work towards over the next few weeks before our show.  I cannot tell you enough what an amazing opportunity this was for them!  The parents who came to observe messaged me all night to say how much they appreciated what he taught them and how he encouraged them to be good students and to be good people to give back to this world.

On top of all of the wonderful instructions he gave the students, he also had a wonderful attitude of an artist sharing his gift.  He sang with a few of the students, performed something he wrote, and even riffed a vocal line when students asked him to show how to do it. The best part was he allowed us to take a group photo (in which we are getting prints for the whole cast), and then he told me that he would take individual pics with anyone who wanted them.  He signed every autograph and took every pic for every student who wanted one.  EVERY student left the workshop with an experience they will remember forever.”

Thank you so much for providing this opportunity and please pass on to Ben how much it meant to all of us!!!

Thank you again,
Mari Grace Lingenfelter
Conemaugh Township School District
Davidsville, PA

“Truly, what an incredible experience. We feel so fortunate! Please know that we eagerly look forward to booking another class through you again (most likely with Laura again because she was just so wonderful!)” (Laura Osnes, Broadway star)


Sarah R, Southington HS, CT