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December 31, 2019 - January 1, 2020
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Are you planning on a bringing a group to NYC for a theatre weekend? A Class Act NY offers discounts to student groups! Additionally, we can give you recommendations of wonderful group ticket agents who can help you secure your Broadway theatre tickets!

Educational Workshops:
All of our workshops are taught by Broadway performers, music directors and/or agents, managers or casting directors. Chaperones are free. All workshops can be tailored to your groups specifications. Workshops can be lengthened or shortened depending on class size and your group’s needs!

Workshops are generally 60, 90 or 150 minutes.

Broadway Bound Workshop – 60 or 90 mins
Want to learn what it takes to make it on The Great White Way?  Then this workshop is for you!  A Broadway performer direct from the show that you are about to see will teach a song and dance combination from that show!  Broadway actors and music directors will also hold a hold a Q & A and give the behind the scenes scoop your students are dying to know!

5-6-7-8 Dance Workshop! – 60 or 90 mins
Work with a Broadway dancer on actual Broadway choreography from a legendary musical! Our Broadway performer will lead the group in a warm up and help students work on technique as they learn an amazing Broadway dance combination.  At the end of the choreography session, students will get a chance to get to know their Broadway instructor a little better in with a fun and insightful Q & A.

Glee Workshop – 60 or 90 mins
This workshop focuses on vocal technique and musicality.  A Broadway performer and amazing music director will teach harmonies and dynamics, using the score from the show your group is seeing!  Your group will also get the answers to all their burning questions during a Q & A with a Broadway performer from your show!

Theatre Games/Improv Workshop – 60 or 90 mins
Develop creativity and learn to think on your feet in this active and exciting workshop!  Our Broadway instructors will have students rolling in the aisles as they participate in a variety of theatre games and exercises that are designed to inspire big acting choices and develop listening skills.

Stage Combat Workshop – 60 mins
Want to learn the secrets behind amazing fight scenes like The Matrix or Guardians of the Galaxy?  Our amazing Broadway instructors will get students up on their feet and take them through safe, simulated combat in a fun and fast-paced workshop.  Students will learn safety, technique and some awesome new moves!

That’s Showbiz Seminar – 60 mins
Students will learn the business of show business in this seminar based workshop.  A Broadway professional will discuss all the ins and outs of the entertainment industry including: agents, unions, headshots, resumes and more!  This down to earth workshop will cover the topics unlikely to be broached in any other setting and students will come away with a more thorough understanding of what it takes to be an actor.

Everything You Every Wanted to Know About Broadway (But Were Afraid to Ask) – 60 mins
Have questions you’re just dying to ask?  This is the place to get the real life skinny and the answers to everything you’ve ever wanted to know!  A Broadway performer will conduct an open and honest Q & A with your group and provide insight into what its really like to be an actor on Broadway.

God, I Hope I Get It (The Audition Workshop) – 90 mins or longer depending on group size
Work with a Broadway actor, casting director or talent agent/manager in this mock audition based environment.  Students will get a chance to perform audition material in front of our guest teacher who will give constructive criticism and helpful feedback on material choice, vocal technique, acting choices, and audition technique.  Every student will be given individualized attention in an amazingly insightful workshop! This workshop requires students to bring in their own sheet music.

Lights, Camera, Action Workshop – 2.5 hours
Pick from commercial, TV, and film acting and learn the technique specific to each medium; from how to “slate” to audition technique.  Students will learn the differences between on camera and theatrical acting as they work on real commercial, television or film sides.  Your group will learn the lingo, expand their versatility, and work on making believable but subtle acting choices, in this action packed 2.5 hr workshop.

1.5 hr Musical Theatre Workshop
40 students @ $24.25 per student = $970.00 (10% discount)
35 students @ $25.00 per student = $875.00 (7.5% discount)
30 students @ $25.50 per student = $765.00 (5% discount)
25 students @ $27 per student = $675.00
20 students @ $29.75 per student = $595.00
Fewer than 20 students = $595.00 minimum

1 hr Musical Theatre Workshop
40 students @ 21.00 per student = 840.00 (10% discount)
35 students @ 22.00 per student = 770.00 (7.5% discount)
30 students @ 23.00 per student = 690.00 (5% discount)
25 students @ 24.00 per student = 600.00
20 students @ 25.00 per student = 500.00
Fewer than 20 students = $500.00 minimum

2.5 hr On-Camera Workshop
40 students @ $40.50 per student = $1620.00 (10% discount)
35 students @ $41.50 per student = $1452.50 (7.5% discount)
30 students @ $42.75 per student = $1282.50 (5% discount)
25 students @ $45 per student = $1125.00
20 students @ $47.25 per student = $945.00
Fewer than 20 students = $945.00 minimum

Talk Backs with Broadway Actors are available upon request and cost 

Book Your Group Today! Call our office at 212.315.3010 or email info@aclassactny.com to find out more about our group programs.

Start: December 31, 2019
End: January 1
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Address: 500 8th Avenue

New York, NY 10018 United States
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