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June 2020

Private Skype Coaching in Acting, Voice and Audition Prep

Online Event, United States
June 28, 2020 - November 12, 2022

No Audition Required | Flexible Scheduling | Starting at $65/30 mins and $130/hr

Great news! You can continue to grow and build your skill set from the comfort of your own home! ACANY has been offering Private Skype Lessons for years and it's been an excellent educational tool for our students!

Take a private Skype lesson in almost anything your heart desires including:
• Voice Lessons
• Commercial Acting & Audition Technique
• Scenes & Monologues from Plays, TV Shows & Films
• Voice-Over Acting
• Audition Prep

We schedule lessons during business hours, Monday-Friday from 9:30AM-5:15PM but lessons take place 7 days a week!


January 2021

No Audition Required | Ages 10-20s | Fridays, January 15 - February 26 | 4-6 PM ET | Cost 845.00


Work with powerhouse L.A. Talent Manager Mitchell Gossett of Industry Entertainment Partners in an online acting lab! Mitchell's storied success has allowed him to refer talent to agencies in NY, L.A. and across the USA.

Throughout his career as a manager and agent, Mitchell has repped, discovered and developed many noteworthy actors, including Jennifer Lawrence, Rachel Brosnahan, Darren Criss, Zendaya, Kristen Bell, Dylan Minnette, Kiernan Shipka, Jojo Siwa, Miley Cyrus, Lucy Hale and many, many others.


7-Week Musical Theatre Audition Technique with 6 Industry Pros

Online Event, United States
January 20 @ 4:30 pm - March 10 @ 6:30 pm EST

No Audition Required | Ages 8-20s (2 Classrooms Split by Age) | Wednesdays, January 20 - March 10 from 4:30-6:30 PM EST | Cost: 735.00

Limited to 11 Students per Classroom!

Payment Plans Available – please call our office at 212.315.3010 or email here to set up a payment plan today!

Want to improve your audition technique? Who doesn’t?

In our brand NEW seven week course, learn the ins and outs of every aspect of the musical theatre audition experience from acting to singing and dance, from 6 top industry professionals: 3 Broadway Casting Directors, Scouting Talent Agents, an Associate Broadway Director, and a professional Choreographer/ Broadway Dance Captain!  

The 32-Bar Cut Audition with Merri Sugarman of Tara Rubin Casting

The 16-Bar Cut Audition with Jillian Cimini of Roundabout Theatre Company/ Jim Carnahan Casting

Monologue Work with Kristian Charbonier of Telsey + Company Casting or Chad Eric Murnane of Binder Casting

Chemistry Reads (Scene Work) with Broadway Director, Marc Bruni

The 32-Bar Cut Audition with Top Talent Agent, Victoria Kress of A3 Artists

The Broadway Dance Call with Lisa Stevens, Choreographer and Broadway Dancer

Final Showcase for Family, Friends, & Scouting Talent Reps

Focus of Class:
• Hone your singing, dancing and acting skills under the guidance of 6 in-demand industry pros
• Learn to present yourself confidently in any audition scenario
• Master what it takes to make it on Broadway
• Unlock the keys to success from top Industry Pros

Final Showcase:
Put your new skills to the test in front of family, friends, and 2 scouting Talent Reps! All actors will perform their favorite 2 pieces from the semester. 


7-Week Voice-Over & Commercial Class w/ 5 Talent Reps

Online Event, United States
January 21 @ 4:30 pm - March 11 @ 6:30 pm EST

No Audition Required | Ages 7-20 (2 Classrooms Split by Age) | Thursdays, January 21 - March 11 from 4:30-6:30 PM EST | Cost: 735.00

Limited to 12 Students per Classroom!

Payment Plans Available – please call our office at 212.315.3010 or email here to set up a payment plan today!

Session 1 Instructor: Voice-Over & On-Camera Actor, Sean Patrick Doyle 

Session 2 Instructor: Voice-Over & On-Camera Actor, Morgan Weed

Perform in a Final Showcase for 5 Industry Pros including 3 Scouting Talent Agents, a Talent Manager and a Top Casting Director!

GREAT NEWS: There have been an abundance of Voice-Over and Commercial jobs throughout the Pandemic! 


Because actors can record and film auditions from the comfort of their own home with very little equipment! And in some cases, a small crew will be sent to film the commercial.

Learn the techniques needed to start booking voice-over and commercial jobs today! 

In our final class, perform for 3 scouting Talent Agents, a Talent Manager and a top Voice-Over Casting Director! 

Weeks 1-3 Voice-Over Acting:
• Learn how to create animated characters for cartoons and feature films
• Work on naturalistic reads for commercials and radio spots
• Learn how to stand out from the rest in your voice-over auditions

Weeks 4-6 Commercial Acting:
• Learn how to analyze and break down commercial copy to find the selling points within the text
• Learn how to sell a product without being too over the top
• Work on proper commercial acting and audition technique

Week 7: Final Presentation for 5 Industry Pros:
Perform for three scouting Voice-Over & Commercial Agents, a Talent Manager, and a Top Casting Director, who will provide students with written feedback. Family and friends are also invited to attend!


February 2021

Online Agent & Manager Showcase with 20 Talent Reps

Online Event, United States
February 10 @ 7:20 pm - 9:30 pm EST

No Audition Required | Ages 4 - Mid 20s | Wednesday, February 10 | Cost 295.00 | Coaching Available Starting at 10.00


Payment Plans Available – please call our office at 212.315.3010 or email us to set up a payment plan today!


The showcase now includes written feedback from all of the talent reps, plus for only an additional 10 dollars, you can participate in a workshop to help you prepare for the showcase.


It’s often challenging to get in front of Talent Agents and Managers. A Class Act NY’s industry showcases provide aspiring actors the unbelievable opportunity to perform for 20 scouting agents & managers in one evening.

Previous participants are now working professionally! Many are booking television series, films, voice-overs, commercials and pre-pandemic, Broadway shows. Click here to read about some of our students’ professional progress.

The biggest agencies and management firms in town attend our showcases including CESD, A3 Artists (formerly Abrams Artists), Stewart Talent, DDO Artists, Zuri, Carson Adler, Carson Kolker, Parkside Management, Sinclair Management and many more.

The fee to participate is 295.00. This includes the chance to perform, and a written feedback form from the talent reps in attendance.

We highly recommend you get additional coaching to best prepare yourself for the night of the showcase. Our expert staff knows what will help separate your audition from the rest. 

There are two options for additional coaching
Group Workshop Setting (Additional 10.00): In a 2 hour session, we’ll begin with an informative tutorial for parents and students reviewing tips for how to dress, and how to set up your computer for a successful zoom audition. Then, each student will have the chance to run through their material and receive notes from a member of ACANY’s team. 

Private Discounted Lesson (Additional 90.00): In a 50 minute in-depth discounted private coaching session, performers will have the chance to rehearse their pieces with one of ACANY’s Broadway and On-Camera Faculty members. Our coach will run your material with you, offer insightful feedback and instruction, and also offer their expert opinion on how to best prepare for your showcase performance. (One discounted private lesson MAX per performer. Additional sessions are available at our regular rate. Click here to set up an additional private coaching session.)

Coaching Options
Group Workshop Day #1: Saturday, February 6 from 4-6PM EST
Group Workshop Day #2: Monday, February 8 from 4-6PM EST
Private 50 Minute Lessons: Scheduled based on instructor and performer availability.


March 2021

3-Week TV/Film Casting Director Class with 3 Top Casting Pros

Online Event, United States
March 5 @ 4:30 pm - March 19 @ 6:30 pm EST

No Audition Required | Ages 10 - Adults (scenes split by age) | Fridays, March 5-19 | 4:30-6:30 PM EST | Cost 435.00

Payment Plans Available – please call our office at 212.315.3010 or email here to set up a payment plan today!

Improve your on-camera acting and audition skills with 3 Top Casting Directors!

Each week, a new casting pro will work with students on TV and Film scenes. Learn how to give a natural, nuanced and subtle performance by working on active listening skills and identifying intentions. The Casting Directors will teach you the skills you need to stand out in TV & Film auditions and offer tips on how to create a beautiful and professional self-tape from home.

Focus of Class:
• Script Analysis
• Character Development
• Understanding Intention
• Active Listening Skills
• On-Camera Audition Technique
• Tips on How to Self-Tape from Home


April 2021

All Ages | No Audition Required | Saturdays, April 17 - May 22 | 11 AM - 12 PM EST | Cost: 625.00

Payment Plans Available – please call our office at 212.315.3010 or email here to set up a payment plan today!

Broadway Dance Instructor: Natalie Wisdom

This class is for anyone who wants to improve their dance skills in a safe and supportive environment!

Each week, we’ll meet as a group and learn a new dance combination from a different era in musical theatre history!

The weekly dance class will also cover dance terminology and technique specific to each style.

HUGE BONUS: In addition to our group dance class, students will also have a private lesson to review choreography one on one with Natalie. She will break down difficult steps with you via Zoom, watch you perform live, and offer guidance and feedback.

You will also be expected to film that week’s combination prior to your private lesson with Natalie so she can utilize video playback in your private lesson.



8-Week Scene Study Class w/ 10 Talent Reps: TV, Film & Plays

Online Event, United States
April 18 @ 4:00 pm - June 13 @ 6:00 pm EDT

No Audition Required | 2 Sessions: Ages: 9-11 and 12-20’s (scenes divided by age) | Sundays, April 18 - June 13 from 4 PM - 6 PM ET | Cost 775.00

Payment Plans Available – please call our office at 212.315.3010 or email us to set up a payment plan today!

Limited to 12 Students!

Instructor: Prominent TV/Film Actor & 3x Tony Nominee, Christopher Fitzgerald

Build a strong acting foundation in our 8-week scene study class.

Become a more versatile actor by working on material from three very different acting genres: film, television, and straight plays.

Students will learn about and utilize acting techniques developed by renowned teachers such as Meisner, Stanislavski, Adler, and Hagen. These are some of the most influential, widely-used acting techniques that renowned stage and screen actors employ to get realistic, emotional and natural performances.

This program is excellent for aspiring professional actors who are seeking representation, as well as those actors looking to deepen their performance skills in a fun, safe and supportive environment.

Week by Week Breakdown:

Week One: Each student presents a monologue so we can get to know each other. This will ensure that we are able to assign every actor a scene partner and material that will provide an appropriate challenge based on their skill level.
Weeks Two & Three: Scenes from TV Shows
Weeks Four & Five: Scenes from Films
Weeks Six & Seven: Scenes from Straight Plays
Week Eight: Showcase for Loved Ones & 10 Scouting Talent Reps
We’ll create a showcase to reflect the strengths of our select group, with each student presenting 2 scenes they worked on throughout the semester.

Focus of Class:
• Begin to utilize specific techniques such as Meisner and Method
• Learn how to identify operative words, objectives, conflict, tactics and acting beats within the text
• Work on character development and physicality
• Learn how to be a present and generous scene partner


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